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Planning a Bachelorette Spa Party as featured on MSN

By: Martie Duncan
Photos by: Arden Photography

They bought the dress, pitched in on the shower, purchased a wedding gift, and some even had to spring for an airline ticket to the wedding city. And now there’s the bachelorette party to plan. A trendy bachelorette trip to Vegas or Miami would be memorable, but if you can’t justify the expense, how about planning a spa getaway at home for the bachelorette party fling? A “what happens in the ‘backyard stays in the backyard” bachelorette party is a lot of fun and you won’t have to hassle with airport delays, long security lines, and taking even more days off from work for wedding festivities! After a day in the ‘spa’ head out to a night on the town complete a limousine—now that’s a bachelorette party any bride will love!

Create an Oasis
A day at a spa doesn’t really allow for much quality time together. Hosting the party at someone’s home is a better way to hang out with best friends before the big day. Select a place with a lot of space. A pool, tranquil fountain area, or large patio is the perfect place. Whether you go DIY and take turns giving manicures and facials using a prepackaged spa kit or hire a mobile massage therapist like we did, start by dedicating a space for treatments. We used a pop-up gazebo as our treatment room complete with flowing white outdoor curtains, candles, and soft music. We didn’t buy anything--- we used items we had to make our spa area feel special. The massage therapist supplied the oils, lotions, linens and massage table. Bridesmaids should cover the cost of the bride’s treatments. The service provider will often give the bride a complimentary treatment with the purchase of a certain number of treatments. Make sure to hire someone licensed with appropriate insurance. It is always best to hire a vendor you know and trust.  

Decorations and Swag Bags
We wanted a Hawaiian theme for our party--- and we wanted to do something completely campy since it was a bachelorette party. We found inflatable palm trees, colorful leis and vibrant beach towels to anchor our decorating theme. Oriental Trading has everything you’ll need. Quirky melamine serving platters were inexpensive and worked well with some of the more expensive serving pieces we used. Add string lights, lanterns or candles for a festive glow if your party is in the evening. Each bridesmaid received a gift bag filled with inexpensive treats from the dollar store. Flip flops, scented spa body butter, sunscreen, and lip balm for the day’s festivities and really cheesy light-up necklaces for the evening’s festivities were placed in reusable tote bags in party colors.

Food and Beverages
Since this spa party was a “pre-party” to our night on the town bachelorette party, we opted for “spa cuisine” like wraps, veggies, and fresh fruit. We pre-mixed cocktails in pitchers and served them in plastic margarita glasses with a candy ring pop for garnish, perfect for our theme.

These days, couples are reconsidering some of the traditional activities that go along with a “last fling” bachelor or bachelorette party in favor of respectful rites of passage from single to married life. That doesn’t mean there still can’t be fun and games! After our spa treatments and a cocktail hour, we hired a limo to pick up our group for a night on the town at a favorite restaurant followed by dancing until dawn. We adorned our bride-to-be with some of the traditional bachelorette party finery including a furry pink light up “I’m the Bride” tiara and layers of paper leis. How far do you go with decorations and debauchery? Only you know the limits for embarrassing your best friend. Just make sure whatever entertainment you plan, it won’t cause relationship issues in the light of day.

This party was a breeze to pull together because we divvied up the work load. Most of the food is available pre-made at the grocery if you don’t have time to make it yourself. To save time and gas, simply go online to shop and you can get everything you need for this party in just a few clicks! What could be easier?  You are all set for your bachelorette getaway without leaving town.


Martie’s Party Tips

  1. If you don’t have the luxury of a lot of space, clear out some furniture for the party and dedicate a room for your ‘spa’ area. Create a kitschy cool vibe with lots of cheap decorations like inflatable palm trees; only $9.95 each at Oriental Trading Company.
  1. Be resourceful with your decorations and use what you have on hand when possible. I forgot a tablecloth for our snack table so we used two striped beach towels for tablecloths and they worked perfectly.  
  1. Have beverages ready to pour when guests arrive. Drink buckets are great for parties because they are so easy—just mix, freeze, and serve! Provide an assortment of drinks: iced tea, flavored water, and cool cocktails.
  1. Make sure to go public with your party and let everyone know she’s the bride by outfitting her with an “I’m the Bride” tiara and other bachelorette party accessories.
  1. A limousine is a great way to go for a night on the town. It not only alleviates the issue of driving, you feel like a rock star when you arrive. Some companies have bachelorette VIP packages available with your limo rental that may include special club admissions, etc.

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